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Magazine Articles

To open up a pdf version of any of the articles below, most written by George Kirby,  just click on the title of the article. Newer articles will eventually be posted here as well.
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“How to Do a Demonstration”
Self-Defense World, Jan., 1976
JuJitsu Suwari Waza
Black Belt, Dec., 1980
A Message from the Pond[editorial]
Black Belt, Nov., 1983
“Dojo Vs Street”
Inside Karate, Jan., 1996
“Profile of George Kirby”
[not in English]
Jurus, April, 2000
“Pride or Necessity” [editorial]
Black Belt, Feb., 2004
“Instructor of the Year”
Black Belt, Dec., 2007
“Jujitsu’s Building Blocks”
Black Belt, July, 2021