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I have Kirby’s books, basic intermediate and advanced . . . those book help explain so much of the theory behind the art. SM 4/18

Thank you for your excellent books.  I encountered them when first published, and have given me great additional insight in my practice of Arnis and police Judo. GW 7/17

I recently received your new book [Jujitsu: Advanced Techniques for Redirecting an Opponent’s Energy] and have been reading it non-stop! It is a fantastic book that really breaks down the mechanics of self-defense and I just love it.    To often, martial art students are told to do technique “A” but have no idea why that technique works!  I can’t wait to get more of your books. 🙂 …SM7/15

I recently read your latest two texts, the theory book and the figure four book. I just wanted to send a quick note to praise you for both of them. There is so much mixed . . . martial arts stuff, finding books on real martial arts for those of us who train for self defense and self-actualization is a real challenge. Both of your books were greatly appreciated. RP 2/10

Advanced Jujitsu, The Science Behind The Gentle Art takes us into the mind of a tenth degree black belt in jujitsu who shares with us the physics behind martial arts, the thought processes of a master, and the most efficient way to practice and execute techniques. . . .  It explains anatomy and kinesiology as they relate to all martial arts.
I expected a straightforward presentation of the next level of techniques in jujitsu. I got all that, and so much more. Advanced Jujitsu is a gift to the martial arts community. DC 2/07

Advanced Jujitsu is a great book for “advanced thinkers” and practitioners of Ju-Jitsu, or any martial art. As stated in book’s description and subtitle, it covers the SCIENCE Behind the art. It is not a visual “how to” book. It is a book of disclosure. Put simply, if you know how to accomplish a kick, a throw, or joint lock, etc… this tells you why it works. By exposing the physics of technique, the author helps us to deepen our understanding of “cause and effect” in relation to our movements. TD 2/07

Jujitsu Jujitsu Toward One Tech



In Jujitsu: Toward One Technique, author George Kirby, a 10th-degree black belt, presents effective ways a student of any martial art can apply that art to the realities of the street. There’s a difference between being able to do a beautiful form and actually using that knowledge in real-life situations. Self-defense requires movements that are extremely effective in their simplicity. However, acquiring that “simplicity” takes patience and practice.

138 pages


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Jujitsu Advanced Tech to ROE

JUJITSU: ADVANCED TECHNIQUES FOR REDIRECTING AN OPPONENT’S ENERGY #BBE 530 , © 2015 Learn to use the momentum of an attack to your advantage.

    “In the history of the martial arts, there have been many famous performers, but only a few really outstanding teachers. George Kirby’s many books and videos on jujitsu have taken the art to a vast audience that no mere dojo could contain. This latest volume presents the parts of jujutsu that are hardest to learn because they are the hardest to see — the skills of unbalancing and energy flow that seemingly exist more in the mental world than the physical one, but become easier to perceive and apply as a result of this book. Highly recommended!” —Bruce D. Clayton, author, Shotokan’s Secret

George Kirby’s latest offering from Black Belt Books, Jujitsu: Advanced Techniques for Redirecting an Opponent’s Energy, addresses the theory and application of how to redirect the momentum and energy of an opponent’s attack. Whether you are a student of jujitsu, aikido, judo, karate or any other martial art, this is a must-have book for helping you connect the dots between concepts and actions. Through extensive discussions and detailed photographs and diagrams, Kirby, a 10th-degree black belt who has taught jujitsu since 1967, describes the following:· how to apply circular movement, balance and momentum to execute martial arts techniques quickly and effectively with minimal effort· how to maintain your saiki tanden (center) in an attack· how to use an attacker’s momentum against him in devastating fashion through appropriate application of his and your ki (energy) and kuzushi (off-balancing) and so much more!208 pages

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Adv Jujitsu The Science

ADVANCED JUJITSU: The Science Behind the Gentle Art– Black Belt Books #BBE482 ©2006.

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW YOUR SENSEI SEEMS TO CAPTURE AND REDIRECT HIS OPPONENT’S ENERGY SO EFFECTIVELY AND EFFORTLESSLY? In this new book from American Ju-Jitsu Association (AJA) co-founder George Kirby, you will learn why and how your sensei seems to have access to strength and energy that goes beyond his verbal explanations. Transcending the mere memorization of kata, forms and techniques, Kirby takes you into advanced concepts that will actually simplify your training, help you learn new techniques faster and grant you deeper access to the inner workings of jujitsu. These concepts can be applied to the entire spectrum of martial arts, as they address the fundamentals of technique, physics, anatomy, relaxation, humility, self-confidence and open-mindedness. More than a mere technical manual, Advanced Jujitsu: The Science Behind the Gentle Art is an insightful guide to the fundamental concepts that can transform the martial arts practitioner into a martial artist—or even the sensei. 131 pages.

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Jujitsu Basic Tech Expanded


Long before Brazilian jiu-jitsu came to the United States, George Kirby wrote a book that would shape America’s understanding of jujitsu for decades to come. –Black Belt
This was the first book I wrote for Black Belt Books, published in 1983. Presenting techniques that will take you through Green Belt and many of the techniques required for the Blue and Purple Belt exams, this book will help you lay a good foundation for future growth in the art. This book also goes into the basic technical principles and philosophy behind the art of Budoshin Jujitsu. This expanded edition updates this classic book to meet the current standards for Budoshin Jujitsu almost thirty years later. It also provides a greater in-depth background of the art for the beginning or intermediate student.
This book, as all of my books, can be personally autographed to you or anyone you wish!! What’s different in this expanded edition· New introduction and conclusion· Techniques have Japanese names in addition to English names· Detailed history of Budoshin Jujitsu· Comprehensive biography of Sensei Jack Seki Haywood· Rephrasing of some technique description for easier learning· Inclusion of Instructional Sequences with cross reference to specific techniques in my first three books and my 8-dvd/mp4 black belt home study videos· Updated belt exams up through Ikkyu [1st kyu brown belt]· Expanded glossary

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Jujitsu Intermediate Tech

JUJITSU: Intermediate Techniques of the Gentle Art – Ohara Publications #441 ©1985. OUT OF PRINT BUT I MAY HAVE COPIES!! [Check with me before ordering.]

Presents techniques up through Sankyu, maneuvering strategies, variations of techniques, dealing with multiple attackers, and information on testing through Shodan.
255 pages.

Price: $28.95 + s&h

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Jujitsu Nerve Tech

JUJITSU NERVE TECHNIQUES: The Invisible Weapon of Self Defense – Black Belt Books #473 ©2001. OUT OF PRINT!!

Analyzes and charts the human body’s multitude of nerve and pressure points – and then presents a wide variety of submission and control techniques that utilize pain induction to bring an attacker under your control with minimal or no injury! A fascinating study of the human body as both weapon and target, complete with extensive photosequences, detailed technique breakdowns and scientifically compiled nerve and pressure-point charts. Also deals with philosophical issues of adding Jujitsu nerve techniques to your art. An excellent reference and learning resource. 234 pages.


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Jujitsu Figure 4 Locks

JUJITSU FIGURE-4 LOCKS; Submission Holds of the Gentle Art – Black Belt Books ©2009. OUT OF PRINT BUT I MAY HAVE COPIES!! [Check with me before ordering.]

Did you know that 90-95% of the locks, holds, & submissions in Jujitsu are figure-4 locks? Did you know that all figure-4 locks have four common characteristics and have only four basic steps to completion? Jujitsu Figure-4 Locks will take you deep inside the theory and concepts of figure-4 locks and then also provide some direct examples & applications of this “simple” hold. Once you master the concepts your ability to come up with more effective figure-4 locks will be limited only by your skills and a solid understanding of the theory of this devastating lock! . This book is also an excellent sequel to Advanced Jujitsu [above]

For a video interview trailer about this book click here.

Price $26.95 + s&h

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JUTTE: Japanese Power of Ten Hands Weapons – Ohara Publications #452 ©1987.

FOUND A FEW COPIES!! — COLLECTOR’S ITEM!! Covers origin, history & theory regarding use of the Jutte. Contains a large number of applied techniques. 255 pages. Current price is $71-170+ depending on condition if you can find it. I do NOT have any copies for sale. Check with Amazon.com as they occasionally have used copies at $71+ [up to $150].



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Densho 7th ed 150

BUDOSHIN JUJITSU: Densho – – The “Big Book” – George Kirby, [7th ed.] ©2019.

Available as a pdf download! Compilation of Professor Kirby’s notes on over 850 techniques and variations that compose the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu system. [Sorry, no pictures or drawings.] Techniques are cross-referenced & indexed to all of my Ohara books, Panther Production video DVDs [or mp4 files], Student & Black Belt Handbooks, and examinations. Using the “bookmarks” or “Find” function in the pdf version allows you to quickly find any particular technique. This is an excellent resource for the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu sensei, higher ranks & anyone who wants to add an encyclopedia of techniques to their martial arts library. 197 pages. AVAILABLE IN PDF FORMAT ONLY!

“Budoshin Jujitsu: Densho” pdf file download: . . . $24.50 discounted to $21.95 [no s&h as in pdf format]

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BUDOSHIN JU-JITSU STUDENT HANDBOOK– 15th ed. © Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo — 2023.

This is an excellent resource for every student who really wants to learn the art in a coherent manner. It is used in Prof. Kirby’s dojo and for BJJY belt testing up through Ikkyu. Contents deal with such items as belt-rank requirements and tests for mudansha grades, wear & care of your gi, as well as standards for student behavior inside outside the dojo. In this new 13th edition the belt-rank sequences are now cross-referenced to all of my published books as applicable and my 8-DVD Black Belt Home Study Course. 48 pages. [Free with your BJJY membership.] AVAILABLE IN PDF FORMAT ONLY!

FREE for current BJJY Members. Contact Prof. Kirby if you need a copy.

Student Handbook pdf download: . . . $9.95 [no s&h as a pdf download]

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This is THE RESOURCE for yudansha grade candidates. It contains all the information and procedures you’ll need to know to test for Black Belt grades up through Judan and for cross-certification from other traditional Jujitsu ryu. 66 pages. Available in pdf format ONLY!

FREE for current BJJY Members Nikyu or higher. Contact Prof. Kirby if you need a copy.

Black Belt Handbook pdf download: . . . $12.95 [no s&h as a pdf download]

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KOKORO BINDER: 1994-2023!!

This 2301 page collection of all past issues of Kokoro contains all the Q&As between members and me plus editorial and opinion articles since 1994. This pdf publication probably has an answer to any and every question or concern you might have pertaining to Jujitsu. Kokoro is the BJJY [currently monthly] newsletters containing questions to Prof. Kirby from students [and other martial artists] and his answers, news items and frequent editorials.  The “Kokoro Binder” is updated annually, which means in will get bigger and bigger! Using the “bookmarks” or “Find” function in the pdf version allows you to quickly find any specific issue of Kokoro or any particular reference topic.

You will need Adobe Reader [free online], Adobe Acrobat, or other software that reads .pdf files. This large 215+mb pdf file will be sent to you via Hightail, a dropbox service I use. AVAILABLE IN PDF FORMAT ONLY!

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