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The BJJY normally issues two different newsletters per month:
“Budoshin-Online” is a general informational newsletter about what’s happening with the BJJY. It is emailed to all members and non-members on my secure email list. The issue sent to each group may be slightly different to give BJJY members an earlier “heads-up” in certain cases.
“Kokoro” is my monthly Q&A newsletter for BJJY members. It also contains editorials and opinion pieces by BJJY members. BJJY members can download the current issue through a link in the current issue of “Budoshin-Online”. Non-members can download a recent issue [usually one month late] below or through a link in the non-member issue of “Budoshin-Online”
Back issues of “Budoshin-Online” are not generally available because they are each mailed individually by my secure email service. However, if you really need an issue please email me by clicking HERE.
Recent back issues of “Kokoro” can be obtained by clicking the links below. Previous year’s issues, if not listed, can be found in the Kokoro-Binder, a pdf file of all back issues of “Kokoro”, which can be ordered by clicking HERE.

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You’ll also receive a monthly link to download recent issues of Kokoro, my Q&A newsletter for BJJY members [from the previous month]. You must be a current BJJY member to receive the current month’s issue.
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