Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
The Gentle Art of Self-Defense

Cross-Certification to Budoshin Ju-Jitsu



It has always been our philosophy that jujitsu is the same universally but that other instructors use different terminology for the same techniques and have different objectives.


The purpose of the Budoshin jujitsu cross certification program is to:
  1. Encourage competent instructors in other jujitsu ryu and disciplines to learn our terminology and our methods of teaching so that they can be formally graded into an appropriate black belt level in Budoshin Jujitsu and will be able to formally teach Budoshin jujitsu, promoting their own students up to one level below their BJJY awarded grade.
  2. Increase the number of schools formally teaching Budoshin Jujitsu.


To be considered to receive black belt cross certification in Budoshin Jujitsu you MUST [ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS]:
  1. Secure your BJJY membership at https://budoshin.com/membership/sign-up/
  2. Prior to submitting the materials requested in #3 & #4 below, you must pay a non-refundable cross-certification evaluation fee of US$25 and complete all necessary application paperwork prior to our evaluation.
  3. Send all of the following items together, at one time, to the BJJY via the following Hightail link: https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/Budoshin
    1. . . . a detailed cross-reference form listing of our techniques and the same techniques in your system with its terminology to the best of your ability. This will help the evaluation panel do a comparative review of your qualifications in terms of technical background.
      1. You may download the form at https://budoshin.com/BBcrossrefform.pdf or contact George Kirby at senseigk@budoshin.com .
      2. You may find it necessary to purchase the 8-mp4 video Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt Home Study Course and/or other instructional materials to make sure that your submitted materials are in compliance with Budoshin Jujitsu technical criteria. However, the mere possession of these or other Budoshin Jujitsu instructional materials does not infer or guarantee that your cross-certification application will be approved.
    2. A resume detailing your prior training not only in jujitsu but also in any other martial arts and ranks earned in each of them.
      1. Include any dan grade certificates including name, mailing address, and website [if available] of the promoting sensei or organization.
    3. . . . reference letters pertaining to your moral character and martial arts background and MAILED DIRECTLY or EMAILED DIRECTLY from the following sources to the Budoshin Jujitsu Yudanshakai:
      1. a previous martial arts instructor.
      2. A co-instructor, black belt, or high-ranked student in your dojo
      3. Your employer, if you are employed, or business associate if self-employed.
      4. . . . a 30-minute video showing you teaching your jujitsu class [sent via Hightail]
  4. Provide copies of the following current and valid certifications:
    1. Basic First Aid
    2. CPR
    3. Concussion Awareness Training certification from https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/resources/training.html .
  5. Be able to demonstrate ALL of the following either via video or Zoom conference call[s]:
    1. . . . provide 1-2 minute demonstration by you defending against continuous random street attacks, with no pauses, including knife, club, and gun attacks, avoiding duplicate attacks as much as possible, and from 1-3 attackers.
    2. . . . any or all of the techniques, from Shodan to Godan, using our terminology and based upon the rank you are striving for, and meet all other requirements on the Shodan-Godan exams detailed in this Black Belt Handbook.
    3. . . . how you would actually teach 2-3 Budoshin Jujitsu techniques of our choosing, using appropriate Budoshin Jujitsu terminology.
    4. ­NOTE: If you are unable personally to fulfill any of the above requirements [#5-1, 5-2, and/or 5-3,] for any physical reason [including age, previous injury, or physical disability] you may have your advanced students or black belts demonstrate on your behalf [in your place].
  6. The Cross-certification evaluation team will evaluate all of the above material submitted by you.
  7. If the evaluation team determines that you have a relative weakness in a particular area the evaluation team may concentrate the selection of techniques in your initial area of weakness to assure that you have a balanced Budoshin Jujitsu background essential to a well-qualified jujitsu instructor
  8. Once the cross-certification evaluation team has completed its evaluation, it will determine what rank, if any, shall be awarded to you.
  9. The black belt board may promote you up to a maximum rank of godan in Budoshin Jujitsu.
  10. If you are unable to meet any of the above criteria please let us know ­BEFORE you start this process.
Martial arts ryu or systems that might be more easily considered include but are not limited to:
  1. Danzan ryu jujitsu
  2. Daito ryu jujitsu/aikijitsu
  3. Hakkoryu jujitsu
  4. Ketsugo jujitsu
  5. Kyu-Shin ryu jujitsu
  6. Minami ryu jujitsu
  7. Seki ryu jujitsu
  8. Shuykan ryu jujitsu
  9. Taihojitsu
  10. Other traditional Japanese jujitsu ryu (koryu or gendai)
  11. San Soo [Shou] Kung Fu (southern Chinese Kung Fu)
  12. Hapkido
Instructors from these martial arts/ryu may also be considered dependent upon their training backgrounds/certifications:
  1. Krav Maga
  2. Aikido
  3. Judo
  4. American/Street Judo
  5. Karate
  6. S. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)
  7. Other martial arts which cover a broad integrated base containing the elements of judo, karate, and aikido found in traditional Japanese jujitsu.
While we will do our best to assure that you also meet AJA promotional criteria, we cannot guarantee such. You can contact the AJA at https://americanjujitsuassociation.org for their criteria.
Please also be aware that if you decide to apply for an AJA certificate of rank, assuming this cross-certification process is successful, you must secure an AJA membership and pay for a certificate evaluation fee [both very inexpensive] prior to the AJA accepting the rank promotion certificate application from the BJJY for AJA approval. You will not be entitled to a refund of ANY fee[s] if your promotion is not accepted by the AJA.