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Youtube Fixes

Basic Hip Throw [Koshin Nage] Fixes – YouTube video 5/12

This short [1 minute 40 second] video shows a lot of common errors in executing a basic hip throw [koshi nage] and how to execute such a throw properly.

Hip Throw & Drop Throw Body Placement –  YouTube video 2/13

Lot’s of people have problems with setting up hip throws and drop throws [and their variations] because they think they have to enter the throw differently based upon the attacker’s leg positions. This video shows how your body placement solves this problem quite easily and simply. It’s not what you do but how you do it.

Kubi Shioku Waza NOT a Submission Hold – YouTube video 9/13 

Many practitioners use this Side Neck Nerve Attack technique as a standing submission when in fact it’s a very quick and painless “sleeper” technique. Check this YouTube video out on how to apply this hold correctly, but be careful when applying pressure.

Counter for Kicks to Your Side on the Ground  – YouTube video 2/14

Getting kicked on the ground is extremely dangerous. Here’s a technique you can use against such an attack. Practice the technique slowly as doing it full speed can result in extremity fractures and/or a concussion to the attacker.

Figure-4 Leg Lock for Rear Body or Rear Waist Grab –  YouTube video 5/14

The FIgure-4 Leg Lock is an effective submission on the street. It should be PRACTICED SLOWLY in the dojo to avoid setting the hold too fast, which could dislocate and/or separate your uke’s kneecap. Check out this YouTube video. This is a relatively fast lock to set once you get it down. Maintaining your balance is key to protecting your uke from injury.

C-Grip – YouTube video 5/17

The C-Grip is a simple grip which will allow you to set many holds without letting your opponent know what you’re doing until the hold is set. This 5-minute video by George Kirby shows the proper way to set up and use the C-grip to transition to other techniques. Click on the title to go to the YouTube video.

Headlock Escape into a Shoulderlock Takedown – YouTube video 2012. Reposted 2/19.

This video, originally produced by blackbeltmag.com, is still on YouTube. So I reposted this video with the YouTube link.

Ura Harai – YouTube video 2/19


This short video, taken at Sensei Rick Rorres’s dojo in Texas, shows a reasonable ura harai [rear sweeping hip throw, executed by two of his students. This was originally posted on YouTube in 2013.

Self-Defense Foot Stomp for Grab from Behind – YouTube video 2/19

Originally posted by blackbeltmag.com in 2011 this video shows Sensei Mark Jordan demonstrating a significant variation of a foot stomp, striking downward on the inside of the ankle. Note: alljujitsu.com is offline.

Defense Against a Grab & Punch – YouTube video 2/19

In this video Sensei Mark Jordan demonstrates one response to a lapel grab and punch, ultimately going into a forward  shoulderlock takedown. Originally posted by Mark Jordan in 2008. Note: alljujitsu.com is offline.

Training Tips, Techniques, and Variations — YouTube video 2/20

This instructional video by Sensei George Cushinan, contains a variety of Budoshin Jujitsu training tips, techniques and variations presented by Sensei George Cushinan, one of my top and very resourceful black belts. All movements are shown slowly with emphasis on closeups and foot/body position. It’s always a pleasure to see what George has come up with – very interesting and effective variations at times. Length: 59 minutes!!

Side Wristlock [Hyperextension] Takedown — YouTube video 5/20

This short [1:25 minute] video shows how to properly set up one kind of side wristlock takedown. Note the placement of my left thumb & index finger in the execution of this lock/takedown. Execute this technique very slowly as it’s easy to break the wrist even if done at a normal speed.

LED Flashlight: Empty Hand Applications — YouTube video 5/20

This video covers what to ideally look for in a small LED flashlight you might want to use as a self-defense weapon. The video also presents some “empty hand” applications for a small LED flashlight, originally presented at the 2018 Budoshin Jujitsu Summer Camp in Santa Clarita, CA. This video is about 17:28 minutes long.

Ju-Shin Excerpt/Example — YouTube video 5/20

This is an excerpt briefly describing and showing a Ju-Shin sequence from the Budoshin Jujitsu 2015 Summer Camp.  Ju-Shin [Gentle Spirit], is a simple exercise similar to Tai-Chi. If you need to practice traditional jujitsu or aikido techniques on your own, combining them into a logical sequence, this video should help you get a start.

Elbow Roll Takedown Fix – YouTube video 10/20

This video is an excerpt from the October 3, 2020, Zoom workshop. It deals with a common mistake in setting up and executing an Elbow Roll Takedown. The fixes shown will make effective execution a lot easier and give you more control options. Thanks to Sensei Darryn Melerine, Minami Ryu Jujitsu, for providing the dojo environment and uke for this fix.

Side Wristlock Takedown Fix — YouTube video 3/23

Here’s a really short video showing an improperly executed Side Wristlock Takedown and the proper execution of this technique. Execute the technique slowly in practice.

Little Finger Comealong — YouTube video 6/23

This is a very “low visibility” easy to learn and effective comealong for law-enforcement use and/or to move a non-compliant person where you want them to go.

AJA Martial Arts Legacy Panel, Episode 1   –   YouTube video 8/2/23

This video is a compilation of video interviews of top sensei in the AJA dealing with their history and how their “system” came about. Interviewees are:
  • Professor Alessandro Ashanti, 8th Dan, Founder of Fusion Self-Defense, Phoenix, AZ
  • Master Al Gauthier, 8th Dan, Founder of Han Guk Mu Sool, Bowie, MD
  • Professor George Kirby, 10th Dan, Founder (with William Fromm) of Budoshin Jujitsu, Santa Clarita, CA
  • Grand Master Mark Shuey, 10th Dan, Founder of the American Cane System, Lake Tahoe, NV
Thomas Dineen, AJA Vice-President, was the interviewer for this video and Dave Garcia, AJA Communications Director, edited the video & provided post-production titling, etc. Length: 1:25