Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
The Gentle Art of Self-Defense


I would like to thank Sensei Brett Denison of the Mizukan Dojo, Aurora, CO, for the beautiful kanji below that he has provided me with over the years for you to enjoy. If you choose to use/copy any of them for your own use please give Sensei Denison credit. It’s only courteous, respectful, and honorable to do so.


Budoshin: comprised of three characters: Bu =martial, Do = way, Shin = Spirit
Ju-Jitsu: the "Gentle" Art
Budoshin Ju-Jitsu: composed of the threecharacters above plus Ju = gentle and Jitsu = art
budoshin philosophy
Humility: One of the three cornerstones ofthe life-philosophy of Budoshin Ju-Jitsu. Humility is your ability to be humble while maintaining yourintegrity. You do not need to be boastful or tell people howwonderful you are or how much you know or what you can do.Although you may be quite knowledgeable or competent, it is forothers to discover through your behavior and your actions. It isyour ability to sincerely apologize when you have erred and helpothers who are in need without expecting thanks or compensation.Humility is based upon your sense of integrity and respect foryourself and others.
budoshin philosophy
Integrity: One of the three cornerstones of thelife-philosophy of Budoshin Ju-Jitsu. Integrity can be defined as your reputation; how you seeyourself and, more importantly, how other people see you. Areyou trustworthy? Are you reliable? Do you deal honestly withyourself and others? Do you have a code of conduct [how youtreat yourself and others] that other people will respect youfor and seek to follow you and or your ideals or example? All ofthese things combine to create your self-image and your sense ofintegrity. They are based on your sense of respect and humility.
budoshin philosophy
Respect: One of the three cornerstones of thelife-philosophy of Budoshin Ju-Jitsu. Respect is your perception of yourself and how others perceiveyou. It is how you treat others and they treat you. It is abouthow you would like to be treated by other people. If others seethat you respect yourself [you have integrity and humility] thenthey will respect you. Respect is never something you caninnately expect from others. It is something that must be earnedand maintained by maintaining your sense of integrity andhumility.

Rank - Dan [Black Belt] Grades

Shodan - 1st dan
Rokudan - 6th dan
Nidan - 2nd dan
Shichidan - 7th dan
Sandan - 3rd dan
Hachidan - 8th dan
Yodan - 4th dan
Kudan - 9th dan
Godan - 5th dan
Judan - 10th dan

Honorary Titles

Renshi: A superior teacher. May be awarded after three years asa godan [5th dan] or at any time as a rokudan [6th dan] orhigher.
Kyoshi: A master teacher. May be awarded after three years as ashichidan [7th] or at any time as a hachidan [8th dan] orhigher.
Shihan: A person of high moral character, integrity, humility, andscholarly abilities;a model teacher. May be awarded after three years as a hachidan[8th] or at any time as a kudan [9th dan] or higher.
Hanshi: A person of high moral character, integrity,humility, and scholarly abilities in addition to being anexceptional sensei. In addition, a person given thishonorary title is considered to be a model person who leads anexemplary life and is seen as a teacher of teachers. May be awarded at any time as a kudan [9th dan] or higher.

Miscellaneous Kanji

Haragei - Copy (2)
Ju Shin [center of gravity]
Ju Shin [gentle spirit]
Mushin [no mind]
Saiki Tanden
Tachi Waza

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