Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
The Gentle Art of Self-Defense

Philosophy of Budoshin Ju-Jitsu

budoshin philosophy


Integrity can be defined as your reputation; how you see yourself and, more importantly, how other people see you. Are you trustworthy? Are you reliable? Do you deal honestly with yourself and others? Do you have a code of conduct [how you treat yourself and others] that other people will respect you for and seek to follow you and or your ideals or example? All of these things combine to create your self-image and your sense of integrity. They are based on your sense of respect and humility.

budoshin philosophy


Humility is your ability to be humble while maintaining your integrity. You do not need to be boastful or tell people how wonderful you are or how much you know or what you can do. Although you may be quite knowledgeable or competent, it is for others to discover through your behavior and your actions. It is your ability to sincerely apologize when you have erred and help others who are in need without expecting thanks or compensation. Humility is based upon your sense of integrity and respect for yourself and others.

budoshin philosophy


Respect is your perception of yourself and how others perceive you. It is how you treat others and they treat you. It is about how you would like to be treated by other people. If others see that you respect yourself [you have integrity and humility] then they will respect you. Respect is never something you can innately expect from others. It is something that must be earned and maintained by maintaining your sense of integrity and humility.

All three of these, integrity, humility and respect are intertwined with each other. The success of one is dependent upon the success of the other two. If you develop one successfully you will have also successfully developed the other two.

All three of these values are at least as important as the technical and self-defense skills you will learn as a student of ju-jitsu, or any martial art. Because with the effective knowledge of a martial art comes responsibility. By conducting yourself in a respectful manner with integrity and humility, you will serve as an example to others, you will not abuse your martial arts knowledge, and other people will see you as the credible person that you are.  

By making these three values part of your life-philosophy you will also be a happier, more accepting and more successful person in your life because you will have developed an inner sense of confidence that doesn’t have to be proven. You will also find that you are more successful in accomplishing other goals in your life because of your positive attitude.