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The Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai [BJJY] was created in 1994 to meet the needs of my black belts and inquiries by people like you who had purchased my jujitsu books or videos and wanted help to advance successfully in the art. Both groups wanted to have a “home”. The BJJY was created to be that “home”.

The BJJY uses a variety of methods to insure a top quality support program, blending the traditional standards and format of the art of Ju-Jitsu with modern technology. Whether you’re a new student just learning the art or an experienced black belt the instructional materials [books, videos, and handbooks] up through godan [5th dan] are cross-referenced so that you know exactly what you need when to secure proficiency or mastery of the art.

Your BJJY membership entitles you to a variety of free services listed below that are part of your membership package. My goal is to help you proceed as safely, smoothly, and competently to your goals as a jujitsuka.

BJJY membership also provides you with the most important element necessary for your successful growth: fast personalized service. Whether you’re a white belt or a black belt if you ask a question it will be answered – – – promptly!

If you have any questions please click HERE.

Remember, the BJJY is here to serve you!

Benefits of BJJY membership [as of September, 2023]:

  • Your free copy of the Student Handbook, which contains:
    • all belt requirements up through 1st kyu,
    • cross references all technique requirements to  the Black Belt Home Study video course and books written by Sensei Kirby
  • When you reach 1st kyu brown belt you will receive your free copy of the Black Belt Handbook which sets out all promotional criteria up through 10th dan simply and clearly, is periodically updated, and is followed.

  • All testing up through 4th kyu can be done via video using guides in the Student Handbooks.

  • Audio evaluations of all tests sent to you by email.

  • Zoom conference testing for brown and black belt candidates following the criteria in the Black Belt Handbook. 

  • Testing/evaluation for all ranks available up through 10th dan.

  • No fee for testing [up through 4th kyu]. $35/test setup thereafter for 3rd kyu and higher ranks.

  • No fee for any BJJY promotional certificate for any rank [including black belt ranks].

  • All printed and video instructional materials are cross-referenced to each other for ease of use.

  • You will receive a BJJY membership certificate, [including rank and ryu listing for black belts].

  • You will receive a members-only edition of “Budoshin-Online” monthly or more often as needed.

  • You will receive “Kokoro”, our monthly Q&A newsletter with editorials.

  • You are eligible for AJA [American Jujitsu Association] membership.

  • All brown & black belt BJJY members who have AJA membership are eligible for AJA rank certification.

  • You will receive a quick response to your inquiries via email.

  • You will qualify for some product discounts.

  • You can send videos to me for free via Hightail [a drop box service I use] if you’re encountering technique difficulties & need help, or you can schedule a Zoom conference with me if needed.

  • Cross-certification available to black belts of qualified arts & ryu who meet standardized criteria in the Black Belt Handbook [also on this website].

  • You may participate in periodic Zoom workshops plus all past workshops, seminars, and summer camps are posted on YouTube.

  • You will have access to a number of technique fixes available on YouTube.

  • Specifically for Yudansha [Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belts]:

    • Periodic evaluations for higher rank for those actively growing in the art based upon time-in grade, personal growth, and other factors.

    • A strong resource base of other yudansha who can help you with a variety of issues and provide support as appropriate.

    • Professional tamper-proof secure yudansha certificate of rank.

    • Special BJJY black belt emblem [patch].

    • A “Budoshin Jujitsu Black Belt Handbook” which sets out all promotional criteria up through 10th dan simply and clearly, is periodically updated, and is followed.

    • Extremely reasonable and inexpensive BJJY and AJA, organizational, test setup, and other fees.

    • A dedicated base of martial arts black belt instructors who belong to the BJJY simply to support its goals and purposes rather than securing membership to secure promotion.


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