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Valley Martial Arts Seminar

February 19, 2023

Three watchful sensei
Sensei Steven Castorena [my first student promoted to Black Belt at Olive Vista Jr. High, Sylmar, CA, early 1970's] and I promote Sensei Dennis McCafferty to Sandan!
The wall is your friend.

Budoshin Jujitsu Dojo Promotions

December, 2022

Glenda Perl is promoted to 3rd dan and Michael Langewisch is promoted to 5th dan.


Valley Martial Arts Seminar 2020

Valley Martial Arts Center Seminar, 2020: Back Row: Dennis McCafferty, Glenda Perl, Steven Castorena, George Kirby, Aaron ??, Aaron's brother; Front Row: Rod Damer, Bucko Beaudry, John Vitale

Masters in Motion Seminar

March 9, 2019, Burbank, CA -- Kris Kadamian, Sensei

Sensei Darryn Melerine Visits Our Dojo

January 17, 2019 -- Sensei Darryn Melerine, 4th dan, of the Minami Ryu Zanshin Dojo, Mandeville, LA, visited and taught at our dojo. Front: Darryn Melerine, Richard Silva, Kurt Dutt, George Kirby Back: Angelo Castro, Glenda Perle, Marissa Trujillo

Community Service Awards

September 28, 2017 - - - Assistant Instructors Glenda Perl, Michael Langewisch, and Byron Davis are presented Community Service Aaards from California State Assemblyman Dante Acosta at the Budoshin Jujitsu Dojo, Santa Clarita, CA

Black Belt Promotions

July 6, 2017 - - - Prof. Marc Tucker to Shichidan [7th dan] Kyoshi
July 6, 2017 - - - Left to right: Glenda Perle to Nidan [2nd dan], Steven Castorena to Godan [5th dan] Renshi, Byron Davis to Yodan [4th dan], and Michael Langewisch to Yodan [4th dan]

BJJY Summer Camp 2016

August 12-14, Santa Clarita, CA - - -Back Row: Harold Zeidman, Byron Davis, Dave Bellman, Jeff Wynn, George Kirby. Front Row: David Boesel, Dave Clark, Paul Trinkkeller, Logan Clark.

BJJY Summer Camp 2014

August 15-17, Santa Clarita, CA - - -

Arlington YMCA Seminar

November 3, 2012, Arlington, VA

BJJY Summer Camp 2012

August 15-17, 2012, Santa Clarita, CA

CAMP BUDOSHIN 2011 on click here!

Instructors at CB11 [not all shown]

Sam Combes, 9th dan Kaisatsu Aikido
Kris kademian, Foiunder, Kibukan System
About BJJ
George Kirby, 10th dan Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
Ed Bielfelt, Master Tai CHi & Kung Fu San Soo
Tony Kull, 10th dan Shinan Jutsu
Thomas Marshall, 6th dan Tae Kwon Do
David Ortiz, Escrima Instructor
Toney Raven, 10th dan Daito Ryu Jujitsu
Toma Rosensweig, 3rd dan Canemasters
Cliff Stewart, 10th dan Within Arms Reach
George Anderson, 8th dan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
Marc Tucker, 6th dan Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
Edward Verso, 5th dan Pankraton
David Dye, 10th dan Shuyokan Ryu
Michael Langewisch, Chanbara Instructor
Our phenomenal support staff: Courtney Wiscarson, Kristine Wiscarson, Kurt Dutt, GLenda Paul, & Paul Trinkeller [not shown]

CB11 Instructors and Students

Candid Shots at CB11

You're going to choke me?
Profs Kull & Combes catching up
Profs Kirby & Kull exchanging thoughts
Denny DeLosReyes says, "This is going to hurt."
Profs Tucker & Bielfelt get into theory
Sensei Bodston & Prof. Arrington exchange old times

BJJY Summer Camp 2011

Dave Burgette, 4th dan Pyong An Do Won Kung Fu
Bruce Clayton, 7th dan Shotokan Karate
Sam Combes, 9th dan Keisatsu Aikido
Robert Deahl, 5th dan Uchi Kimi Do
David Dye, 10th dan Shuyokan Ryu
Mark Guerrero, 4th dan Judo
Rob Hyatt, 3rd dan Aikido
Mark Jordan, 6th dan Budoshin Jujitsu
Kris Kademian, 6th dan Kobudo Karate
Solomon Kaihewalu, 12th dan Kaihewalu Lua
George Kirby, 10th dan Budoshin Jujitsu
Tony Kull, 10th dan Shinan Jutsu
Michael Langewisch, Chanbera Instructor
Walt Lenoir, 10th dan Ketsugo Jujitsu
Toma Rosensweig, 4th dan Aikido
Profs Walt Lenoir and George Kirby
Cliff Stewart, 10th dan Within Arms Reach
Profs. Sam Combes & Cliff Stewart exchanging good times.
Terrific Staff: Glenda and Allison
Who ran CB10? George Kirby and Mark Jordan

2010 BJJY Summer Camp

August 13-15, 2010, Santa Clarita, CA

With Sensei Tony Damigo
at his new Lake Isabella Dojo

August, 2010

2010 AJA Western Region Tournament Winners

April 10, 2010, Santa Clarita, CA
Steve Uhrig, 4th dan Tae Kwon Do: FIdure-4 Weapons Retention
Tony Kull, 10th dan Shinan Jutsu: Tokui Waza
Oloha Kaihewalu, 12th dan Kaihewalu Lua: Use of Hawaiian Weapons
Mark Jordan, 6th dan Budoshin Ju-Jitsu: "Breaking the Rules" [What You Can't DO in the UFC]
Cliff Stewart, 10th dan Within Arms Reach [WAR]: Assailant Control
Toma Rosenzweig, 4th dan Ailido: CSSOSC knife drills
Robert Deahl, 5th dan Uchi Kimi Do: Trapping Skills
Kris Kademian, 6th dan Shorin Ryu Karate/Hapkido: Basics to Combatives
Marc Tucker, 6th dan Budoshin Ju-Jitsu, and David Dye, 10th dan Shuyokan Ryu, a pose for the camera
Toney RAven, 10th dan Judo: making a point after his Judo seminar
David Burgett, 4th dan Pyong An Do Won Kung Fu: Introduction to Krav Maga
 Other sensei we didn’t get pictures of:
Sam Combes, 9th dan Keisato Aikido, who taught Ikkajo
George Kirby, 10th dan Budoshin Ju-Jitsu, who taught off-balancing techniques
Michael Langewisch, 6th dan Karate, who taught Chanbara
Ed Verso, Pankration instructor,  who taught a Striking to Takedown seminar

2009 BJJY Summer Camp

August 14-16, 2009, Santa Clarita,CA

My First Brown Belts at College of the Canyons

December 11, 2008 Christopher Haines, Rebecca Masamitsu, George Kirby Edward Valdez, Matthew Gelaude

IMB Academy Seminar 10-13-07

George Kirby & Richard Bustillo at his IMB Academy, Torrance, CA

BJJY 2007 Summer Camp

August 17-19, 2007

Gordan Martial Arts Family Center Seminar June 2, 2007

Sensei Thomas Gordon [behind me {black collar}] ran a really nice seminar at his Crestview, FL dojo in July, 2007.

Stephen Copping [1961-2006] In Memorium of One of My "Kids"

AJA Western Region Tournament

November 18, 2006

Professor Kenneth Penland Memorial, October 24,2006

Memorial Service for Prof. Ken Penland at the Los Angeles Police Dept. Training Academy, 10-24-06

BJJY 2006 Summer Camp

August 25-27, 2006, Santa Clarita, CA
Ready for Jutte seminar!

LAPD-CMAAP [Civilian Martial Arts Advisory Panel] Group Photo
August, 2006

2006 AJA Convention Pix, Towson, MD

Three "old codgers": Tony Maynard [So Region Director], Dennis McCurdy [President], and George Kirby [BOD Chairman]
Wade Susie & Karen Curley [AJA Secretaries] and George Kirby

AJA Western Region Tournament Winners - Santa Clarita Dojo

April 22, 2006: 6 entrants, 6 trophy winners including 3 firsts anda 1-2-3- sweep of the Black Belt division!

Seminar at Soke Dye's Shuyokan Dojo

Costa Mesa, CA, March 25, 2006

Seminar at Tarzana Karate

Tarzana, CA February 25,2006 -- Sensei Alessandro Ashanti [blue gi], host

West Hills Tournament WInners

February 19, 2006, West Hills, CA -- L to R: Sensei Gregory Poretz [host sensei at Kenshokan Academy], Denny de los Reyes [2nd place Black Belt div], Glenda Perl [2nd place Brown Belt div], & Vicente Cordero [2nd place White Belt div]

BJJY 2005 Summer Camp

July 15-17, 2005, Santa Clarita, A

2005 AJA National Award Winners

STUDENTS & INSTRUCTORS WIN NATIONAL AJA AWARDS! Pix Info: Front row [left to right] Bryce DeFigueiredo, Paul Blaney, Marc Tucker. Back row [left to right]: Carol Roleder, Marc Kolodziejczyk, Frank Blaney, George Kirby. Not in pix: Michael Langewisch

Cane-Hanbo Seminar at the Arlington YMCA

BJJY 2002 Summer Camp

Shobukai Austria Seminar May, 2002

AJA Western Region Spring Tournament

Jujitsu Seminar at Ed Daniel's Karate & Self-Defense School

AJA 1998 Convention

LAPD Civilian Martial Arts Advisory Panel

George Kirby with Gene LeBell and Al Thomas at the CMAAP Meeting

AJA Convention 1996

Canada Seminar 1996

Back Row: Senseis Pierre Lautischer, Ray Martin, George Kirby, Michael dePasquale Jr. Front Row: Matt Martin [who eventually earned his black belts in Ketto Ryu and Shindo Jujitsu]


LAPD Civilian Martial Arts Advisory Panel at the Police Training Academy, 1994

AJA 1994 Convention in California

Nisei Week Demonstration

"Never underestimate the power of Kim." [My daughter, age 4] Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA 1990

 Camp Danzan Ryu, May 1992

Daryl Johnson CAmp DnznRyu 0592
Sensei Daryl Johnson and me at Camp Danzan Ryu, May, 1992

Camp Danzan Ryu [Jujitsu America] 1987

Sensei Daryl Johnson and me at Camp Danzan Ryu, 1992

AAU-Jujitsu Convention
Reno, NV, April 1981

Profs. George Kirby, Jack Wheat, Francisco Limbago & Carl Beaver, Jr.
George Kirby meets Prof. Wally Jay for the first time. [There's a great story behind this.]
Profs. Carl Beaver Jr., Jim Nieto, Wally Jay, Dennis Palumbo & George Kirby

Prof. Bill Fromm throwing Prof. McCurdy,
[ca late 1970s]

Sensei Louis Mercier & George Kirby [ca 1970s]

Harte Brothers Shodan Promotions 1976-78-80

Kevin Harte - 1976
Robert Harte - 1978
Ken Harte - 1980

AJA 1977 National Tournament, Sylmar, CA

Olive Vista Jr. High 1975 Jujitsu Class, Sylmar, CA

AJA 1975 Western Region Tournament, Burbank, CA

Burbank YMCA Jujitsu Class 1974 [at John Muir Jr. High School]

Senseis Seki and Kirby - 1974

Senseis Jack Seki and George Kirby at Los Angeles Valley College, 1974
Black Belt Magazine 1974
Los Angeles Valley College 1970
seki 1966
Seki circa 1966