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The Gentle Art of Self-Defense

Your First 8-10 Weeks!

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Welcome to our dojo. We’re eager to help you reach your goals in this class. For new students,  our goal is to help you earn your first beltspromotion to Rokyu, 6th kyu [Green Belt] by the end of your first 8-10 week session.
By the end of your first 8-10 week session you will be able to:
 [1] demonstrate the following techniques with acceptable proficiency:
  • Elbow Roll Takedown [heji waza]
  • Outer Rear Sweeping Throw [osoto gari]
  • Basic Hand Throw [te-nage]
  • Wristlock Takedown [tekubi shimi waza]
  • Left & Right Blocks [te no tatake]
  • Cross-blocking    [juji]
  • Striking Techniques [te tatake]
  • 1-2 Nerve Techniques [shioku waza]
  • Basic Hip Throw [koshi nage] – optional
  • Basic Drop Throw [tai-otoshi] – optional
[2] demonstrate self-defense techniques for the following attacks:
  • hits
  • shirt or lapel grabs
  • bodygrabs [waistgrabs & bearhugs]
  • headlocks
  • front choke
[3] demonstrate the following falls, getting back up into a ready position [tachi waza]:
  • Forward Roll Fall [mae ukemi]
  • Side Fall [yoko ukemi]
  • Backard Roll Fall [ushiro ukemi]
Common Questions from New Students at the Santa Clarita Dojo:
What do I wear at the first class? 
Wear loose comfortable clothing. No shoes, socks or jewelry.
When do I need to get a gi? 
If you plan to receive a promotion you must have a white single-weight/weave judo gi [available {at wholesale cost plus tax & shipping} through instructors]. We encourage you to get a gi as soon as possible as it will help you train more effectively, but it’s not a requirement in order to participate in the program.
Can I wear my uniform [gi?] from another martial art? 
No. To allow you to wear a different uniform creates the public misinterpretation that we don’t care what you wear – – – and we like our students to wear identical looking gi. It builds comraderie and a spirit of belonging within the dojo and a much more positive public image to visitors.
When will I be tested for my first belt? 
Towards the end of the first session [about 8-10 weeks]. If your attendance and participation has been consistent you should be able to pass the test with no problems. [It’s in your Student Handbook.]
What does the materials fee pay for? 
The materials fee [to be paid at the first class] pays for part of your insurance, colored belts, certificates, class materials, and mat maintenance/replacement.
What does the AJA fee pay for? 
It pays for your calendar year membership and through your membership your required insurance for all students. You will also get a free AJA patch from your sensei when you initially join the AJA. AJA membership also qualifies you to receive belt promotions.
Is there a testing or certificate fee? 
No! There is no testing, belt, or dojo certificate fee for any belt rank, including black belt ranks in our dojo. That’s all taken care of with the materials fee. However, according to AJA [American Jujitsu Association] policy, you must be a current AJA member [$20 calendar year] in order to be promoted to any belt rank.
What if I miss a class? 
You can attend our free intersession classes [between official sessions] at no charge to make up missed class[es].
Any other questions? 
Don’t wait! Email Sensei George Kirby by clicking here. Sensei will usually respond within 24 hours.
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