Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
The Gentle Art of Self-Defense

Introductory Q&A

The information below is a quick Q&A to provide you with answers to basic questions about Ju-Shin.

What is Ju-Shin?

Ju-Shin, or “gentle spirit” is a formalized exercise combining a sequence of jujitsu techniques against an imaginary attacker in which one technique leads into another without “losing” control of your imaginary attacker. The goal is to develop a sequence of 5-10 techniques or movements into a relaxing exercise that improves one’s balance, body flexibility, memory [the development of mushin], meditation skills, and the efficient management of your ki [or energy-flow].

What is the value of Ju-Shin?

Ju-Shin has two values; one in terms of improving self-defense technique practice and execution and the second as a form of relaxing exercise. Practicing Ju-Shin encourages you to execute basic jujitsu movements slowly and with fluidity, thus establishing control over your movements. As an exercise it is an excellent way to maintain or improve your sense of balance, physical equilibrium, inner peace, and improved self-awareness skills for everyday life.

How long has Ju-Shin been around?

Ju-Shin has been around for as long a jujitsu has been in existence. It has been practiced in one way or another by jujitsuka for centuries without having a formal name given to it.

Why call it Ju-Shin?

This form of exercise is called Ju-Shin, or “gentle spirit”, because all movements are done slowly and in a balanced manner to improve the fluidity of your movement, whether it be as a martial artist or simply as a form of exercise to benefit your own physiological well-being. The movements appear to be relaxed and flowing while at the same time they help you maintain your ki, or energy flow in a balanced manner.

Where does the name come from?

The name comes from the “shin” in Budoshin and the “ju” in Jujitsu. The Ju-Shin term was originally a term that came up in some of the reseach for my 8th book and was originally translated as “center of gravity.” However, by changing the kanji of the “ju” it became gentle spirit.

Where do the Ju-Shin movements come from?

Ju-Shin movements/exercises come from the basic extremity and body movements of traditional jujitsu. The movements include the martial arts skills of deflection, joint movement & rotation, footwork and using an opponent’s ki. It generally excludes most karate strikes, hits, & kicks as well as most judo throws.

What is Ju-Shin International?

Ju-Shin International is the parent organization I have created to further the growth of Ju-Shin as a self-improvement exercise which can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or physical condition. Exercises can be done while standing, or sitting or lying down [with some limitations.
I am currently establishing a “founders circle” of jujitsu sensei who will develop  standardized sequences of simple jujitsu movements for martial artists and non-martial artists to practice. The goal is to have these sensei & others develop and offer training and practice sessions to the general public in Ju-Shin. If you are interested in this aspect of Ju-Shin please contact me by clicking HERE.

What does the logo represent?

Very simply, the logo represents the characteristics/elements of Ju-Shin. The two kanji in the yin-yang are “ju” and “shin”. The three other kanji are for “ki”, “hara”, and “gei”. The structure of the Ju-Shin logo will be explained later in greater detail.
Please be aware that the Ju-Shin logo and name are trademarked. Permission must be secured prior to any use or duplication.

For Additional Information:

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