Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
The Gentle Art of Self-Defense

Ude Guruma Otoshi

[Shoulderlock Drop Throw]

This is a defense for a knife in your back, with your back arched. Practice this defense slowly to achieve smoothness. It is an extremely fast technique once proficiency is achieved because your constantly working in a circle. Be careful though. You can’t complete this technique without posing the risk of serious injury to your workout partner. Be sure to check my footwork as you learn this technique. Footwork is always critical.
Thanks to Sean Gallimore for being my uke and Marc Kolodziejczyk for the photography.
#1 Attacker has you in a secure rear forearm choke, with a knife in your back at kidneys & your back arched. This is a very difficult attack to defend against. Please be aware that there is a reasonable chance that you might get cut in the process of defending yourself from this attack.
#2 Swing your right arm back, deflecting his knife arm to his left as you turn in [to your right] tightly to him. You cannot turn away from the forearm chke as the attacker will be able to maintain it and keep you from turning either way.
#3 Raise your right arm straight out & up against the inside bottom of his upper arm just above his elbow. Note that my right foot has stepped back to in between his feet.
#4 As you bringing your right arm up push his right forearm down against your chest with an open hand. This will help take the pressure off the choke.
#5 Continue to hold his arm against your chest as you raise his left arm. Once you get your arm up [notice straight line between my left shoulder to right elbow which is keeping in line with the attacker’s right shoulder – I’ve actually lowered my center of gravity slightly] bend it towards the attacker to trap his arm & keep it from sliding away or off.
#6 Bring your right forearm down [see next pix for front view] as you turn your body to your left. Make sure you keep your body straight & head up so you can trap his forearm.
#7 Front view. Notice how my right arm and head have trapped his knife arm.
#8 Detail of trap from another angle.
#9 Clamp onto your right hand with your left hand.
#10 Execute an ude guruma otoshi [shoulderlock drop throw] by kicking your right leg up & drop down onto your rear.  Keep your body straight to maintain lock. CAUTION: Do not coplete this technique in practive. It puts an incredible strain on the shoulder of your training partner & could cause a fracture, disclocation&/or seperation of the shoulder on impact – even on a mat!