Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
The Gentle Art of Self-Defense

Carotid Artery Press

[Figure-4 Neck Nerve Press Fix]

#1 The Carotid Artery Press can be an extremely effective means of putting your opponent out — quickly. Unfortunately it also poses a high risk of serious injury or death if not applied properly throughout execution of the hold.
#2 The problem occurs in a street situation where the assailant may be trying to get away from you or you’re not properly balanced as you bring him down while he’s still resisting OR already unconscious. Note the space between the opponent’s back and the defender’s front. This space creates injury potential to the assailant’s neck or upper back vertebre [below neck] as they are not being properly supported.
#3 To properly execute the brace you must maintain close body contact with as much of his back as possible. This can easily be accomplished by taking a step towards the attacker as the hold is set. With one leg [thigh] against the back of one of his legs or against his buttocks, you can remain balanced & in control while at the same time protecting your assailant from serious injury. This will reduce the chance of serious injury or death. This is very difficult to do in a street situation. As a result many law enforcement agencies limit the use of this “choke” to “life & death” situations. Be sure to release pressure on your opponent if he is cooperative, becomes unconscious, or any other medical trauma [e.g., convulsions] occur. You MUST be very careful with this hold!