Ude Guruma Yubi Waza

[Proper Armlock with Finger Grip]

This armlock is ideal to use on a larger person or if you have small hands. It’s an excellent alternative to the wrist press armlock & is now used by a number of major law-enforcement agencies. Once set you have a great deal of control over the person & it can be quite painful – so use caution! 


This technique is shown as a reaction to a right hit. It could be used for a variety of other techniques as well. Your initial response might have to be different, depending upon the attack or situation. It can be used from a desensitizing “come with me” hold [law-enforcement: low level of force] all the way to an overhead knife or club attack or high knife slash.


It is referred to as a “proper” hold because once the hold is set, the level of pain caused [by the attacker himself] is mainly determined by the resistance of the attacker to the hold.


Thanks to Marc Kolodziejczyk, for being my uke and Sensei Marc Tucker for the photography.







Ready Position













Block his hit to your right with a circular crossblock as you sidestep to your left  & towards his right side












Grab his wrist with your right hand & pull him forward slightly to off-balance him. Your left hand comes up under his elbow, with his elbow resting in the palm of your hand. Your thumb is next to your fingers [don’t grab his elbow] & your fingers are pointing up.












Lift & rotate his elbow forward in a clockwise direction as you bring his wrist down & back in the same clockwise movement. 












Start to change the grip on the attacker’s wrist as you bring his elbow forward & start to bring his arm up behind his back.













Close-up of changing grip mentioned above.













Close-up of changing grip presented from a rear view.













Bring his arm up behind his back. Start to bring his elbow into the crook of your arm [between your upper arm and your body].












Slide your right hand up the back of his hand, pressing it toward his elbow, to force his hand open.











Slide your hand up so you’re setting a wrist press. Note that his hand is at a right angle to his forearm and that your your right hand/fingers are at a right angle to his hand. You can stop at this point and you have a “proper hold.” The pressure you apply to the attacker’s wrist will control him as long as his elbow is in the crook of your arm. 










Slide your hand up & grab 2-3 of the attacker’s fingers. If you look at the pix you will notice that the attacker’s hand has rotated slightly outward. This is a natural movement of his hand as you slide your hand up to grab his fingers.










Pull the fingers back towards you to secure compliance. Once you have grabbed his fingers in this “semi-rotated” position, and you pull his fingers back, his hand will continue to rotate until his palm is facing down.










Full shot photo of completed technique.

For additional security you can grab his left shoulder with your left hand and pull back slightly.