Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
The Gentle Art of Self-Defense

Ude Guruma Yubi Waza

[Proper Armlock with Finger Grip]

This armlock is ideal to use on a larger person or if you have small hands. It’s an excellent alternative to the wrist press armlock & is now used by a number of major law-enforcement agencies. Once set you have a great deal of control over the person & it can be quite painful – so use caution! 
This technique is shown as a reaction to a right hit. It could be used for a variety of other techniques as well. Your initial response might have to be different, depending upon the attack or situation. It can be used from a desensitizing “come with me” hold [law-enforcement: low level of force] all the way to an overhead knife or club attack or high knife slash.
 It is referred to as a “proper” hold because once the hold is set, the level of pain caused [by the attacker himself] is mainly determined by the resistance of the attacker to the hold.
Thanks to Marc Kolodziejczyk, for being my uke and Sensei Marc Tucker for the photography.
#1 Ready position lift
#2 Lift & rotate his elblow
#3 Forward in a clockwise direction
#4 As you bring down his wrist
#5 Back in the same clockwise movement
#6 Start to change the grip on the attacker’s wrist as you bring his elbow forward & start to bring his arm up behind  his back.
#7 Close-up of changing grip presented from a rear view
#8 Bringing his arm up behind his back
#9 Start to bring his elbow into the crook of your arm [between your upper body and your body].
#10 Slide your right hand up the back of his hand, pressing it toward his elbow, to force his hand to open.
#11 For additional security you can grab his left shoulder with your left hand and pull back slightly.
#12 Slide your hand up so you’re setting a wrist press. Note that his hand is at a right angle to his forearm and that your right hand/fingers are at right angle to his hand. You can stop at this point and you have a “proper hold”. The pressure you apply to the attacker’s wrist will control him as long as his elbow is in the crook of your arm.