Budoshin Ju-Jitsu
The Gentle Art of Self-Defense

Ordering Equipment

This page is for use ONLY by students of the Santa Clarita [Old Orchard Park] Budoshin Ju-jitsu classes. These prices are offered through Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo Inc., a non-profit organization, and cannot be extended to anyone else – no exceptions. Any other person ordering equipment from this site will have their purchase price refunded minus a $10 [ten dollar] minimum handling charge.
Students of this Santa Clarita dojo may pay by cash,check, PayPal, or Zelle [Quick-Pay, etc.]  in class. Checks should be made out to “Budoshin Ju-jitsu Dojo”.
Gi [which includes white top, pants and belt] or colored belts are usually delivered to the next scheduled class by the sensei if ordered ahead of time.
Pants [black or white] may take 1-2 weeks for delivery.
The prices below are for your information only. You may order your gi in class by telling me what size you want and I’ll being it to the next class. You can pay with cash, check, Zelle/QuickPay or PayPal PayNow.
To order via Zelle pay to: bjj@budoshin.com . Be sure to include your name, item ordered, & size.
 I did not put a PayPal “Add to Cart” button on this page as I’d have to add at least a $2+ charge to cover PayPal charges I’d otherwise have to pay.
  1. First time you wash your new complete gi or separately ordered pants wash in cold water ONLY. They WILL shrink in cold water. You may use non-chlorine bleach [Clorox 2 for example] if you wish following the directions on the container. Use a clothing softener [Downy for example] in the rinse, following the directions on the container.
  2. Hang them up to dry. Do NOT dry them in the dryer as they will really shrink. The gi may have some yellowish streaks in it once it is dry. Don’t worry as it’s caused by the unbleached cotton & will wash out the next time you wash your gi.
  3. Once your gi is dry you will notice that the top is really stiff. Grab the gi top by its bottom and swing the gi top against a solid [brick] wall a few times. This will soften up the gi top a bit.
  4. Try the gi top on. If the sleeve is even with your wrists or 1-2” above your wrists then you don’t need to shrink it any further. If the pants are about ankle length they’re the correct fit too. After you’ve washed your gi 5-6 more times in cold water only & hang it up to dry [after you wear it in class], you can wash it with your regular clothes & dry it in the dryer. It shouldn’t shrink.
  5. If your gi &/or pants are too big, wash them in warm water & hang to dry.
  6. If they’re still too big, wash them in hot water & hang to dry.
  7. If they’re still too big, wash them in hot water & dry them in a dryer.
Additional notes on gi care:
  • The more you wash a gi the softer it becomes.
  • Pants are worn with the belt loop[s] in front. See the Student Handbook for details.
  • Gi tops can take 1-2 days to dry – even if dried with other clothes.
  • If you roll your gi up properly after its dry it will always look clean and neat [with creases in the sleeves]. See Student Handbook for details.
Additional notes on patch/crest placement:
The Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo patch [rectangle] is to be sewn onto the RIGHT chest of your gi top.
The Budoshin Ju-Jitsu logo patch [round] is to be sewn onto the LEFT upper sleeve of your gi top.
Placement of other patches can be found in the Budoshin Ju-jitsu Student Handbook.
*Judo gi or pants may NOT be returned once they are worn or washed.