Below are unsolicited product reviews and comments about Budoshin Ju-Jitsu & the instructional materials:


I was very impressed by your books Figure 4 and Advanced Jujitsu and so wanted to continue learning about your system. 

I have spent nearly 12 years studying the human body as a lever system and it’s application to martial arts and was pleasantly surprised by your treatment of the subject.

I recently decided to start studying  joint locking, take downs etc.. and so I found your figure 4 book.  I was particularly delighted by your pronation/supination discussion as this was a distinction I had never even considered.

Anyhow, I look forward to studying your material in depth whether or not I ever test for grading.  I’ll definitely email you again if/when I come across some material needing clarification.  

In all of your material, you are very succinct and organized in your approach and it is really very impressive.  Thanks!  AR 8/19


Recommendation? Are you kidding? George can’t possibly need a recommendation for anything. The man is a Living Jiu Jitsu Legend. His love of the art, his love of teaching and of community building shine through everything he does. You’d be lucky indeed for him to be involved with any project you’re involved in. JB 7/19


Master Kirby, i would again like to thank you for all that you do for the Martial arts community! You teaching has become a very important part of my life and in my Dojo! BOW!! GB 6/19


Interestingly enough, when I first started training, your books were the books I read on Jujitsu: Jujitsu figure 4 locks, Jujitsu Basic techniques, Intermediate jujitsu techniques, & Jujitsu nerve techniques. They’re still a reference today. JW 1/19


I have Kirby’s books, basic intermediate and advanced, I studied judo and jujitsu for a few years now, and those book help explain so much of the theory behind the art. SM 4/18


I want to thank you for all your efforts to publish this interesting JJ magazine and the great work you do. What I want to express simply  is:  THANK YOU,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Your great motivation in doing it creates motivation for other people. FK 3/18


Would really like to say that you do and have done a great job of preserving, teaching, and spreading this tradition. Thank you so much. JS 8/17


Thank you for your excellent books.  I encountered them when first published, and have given me great additional insight in my practice of Arnis and police Judo. GW 7/17


George Kirby has been such a wonderful mentor and friend for the past 14 years of my life, and he is an inspiration to me in his kindness, willingness to give of his time and expertise, and his continued passion for the art after so many decades. BD 7/17


Thank you Professor George Kirby. You have been instrumental in the success of the Markham Jujitsu Club, not only in your support and mentorship . . . but also with Budoshin Jujitsu as the core of our syllabus. GC 6/17


Thank you for being such a positive influence on my life. You are truly an inspiration to me and many other martial artists around the world. Your dedication to propagate this beautiful art as well as truly being an educator as evidenced by your books is second to none. I tell people all the time that when I grow up I want to be just like you. I do not say that facetiously but really mean it as you truly are one of the greatest martial artists ever. RT 6/17


It’s good to see you’re making more videos. I own four of your books and would love to learn traditional jujutsu like you teach but there are none in my state. Thank you for your contribution to the martial arts, Mr. Kirby. DD 5/17


Good morning Hanshi! I have been practicing and studying your books!I absolutely love everything about Budoshin Jujitsu ,Thank you for all that you do! BOW! GB 1/17 


It’s good to know your community appreciates all you’ve done for it! The appreciation is extended to the rest of the world, especially here in Japan. You’re a exemplary model in a time when your country needs you most. ,,,RB12/16


Great teacher and inspirational human being. I have had the privilege of attending the Arlington seminars for the last five years. Wonderful learning experience. …SD 12/16


Only those people who are fortunate enough to work directly with you will get both where you are actually coming from, and where you are capable of delivering people. Your gifts can not be summed up  adequately in words or commendations. Direct experience is the only way to even begin grasping your vast skill-set: teaching, relating, demonstrating, inspiring, balancing, off-balancing and laughing your way through life.

       You are all gift! May you always feel the radiance of the heart-felt gratitude of so many students, grand-students, and great-grand-students. …DC 12/16


I must say that your curriculum has and continues to fill in many ” gaps” of knowledge regarding a through understanding of Japanese Jujitsu. There are many instructional video presentations and much available on you tube, however, simply ” parroting” techniques without understanding of concepts of timing, distance, line familiarization, body mechanics, etc… will , in my opinion, leave the practitioner with a fairly ” empty ” understanding of the art. I feel that your approach fixes this problem. I am very grateful for your commitment to the attention to detail in teaching this art that can be complex in learning without a good teacher. …MM 11/16


A simple note to say thank you for the many years of devotion to the art of Ju-Jitsu.  It’s too bad that Canada does not have your equivalent.  Maybe one day someone will rise and see the need.  Nobody will be able to do what you have done.  You are to Ju-Jitsu what Gordy Howe and Wayne Gretsky were to hockey. …JB 7/16


I was watching a documentary about Marlon Brando. He had all the fame and fortune and yet had a pretty miserable life. Your fame and fortune is that you are living a wonderful life surrounded by people who appreciate all you’ve done not only for the art of jujitsu, but as a teacher and human being. …RB 7/16


I recently received your new book [Jujitsu: Advanced Techniques for Redirecting an Opponent’s Energy] and have been reading it non-stop! It is a fantastic book that really breaks down the mechanics of self-defense and I just love it.    To often, martial art students are told to do technique “A” but have no idea why that technique works!  I can’t wait to get more of your books and will soon be getting your dvd set.  If only you had a dojo in central Illinois! 🙂 …SM7/15


I loved your book sir [Advanced Jujitsu]. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. …MM 1/13


I had the chance to meet you in the late 80’s. After that meeting, I really became inspired to do Jiu Jitsu, even though I have been involved in Kempo for now 40 yrs. Just want to say thank you for your gift to all of us who study the Gentle Art. …JM 7/12


I had been teaching judo and kenpo jujitsu for the past 15 years in the usa. before I moved over here [to the UK] this last February. I went back home and am trying to get all my students to go through BUDO-SHIN jujitsu. I think that budoshin jujitsu represents the real ‘core’ of japanese jujitsu. CN 12/11


I want you to know that you also made this community service program possible with your support and dedication to The Art. Without your hard work through your publications and DVD’s I would not be as effective as I am with these guys. It gives me a wonderful reference. BG 12/11


Professor just watched all your you tube video’s! That was some great stuff so well explained an executed. I like how you point out common mistakes I’ve found myself making those mistakes wondering what did I do wrong? I guess with all those years of experience comes just that great technique and experience. Thank You for sharing. Osu    RS 10/11


I would like to say thank you for all that you do to keep the traditional art of Jujitsu alive. TO 10/11


I so hope you remember me and that this e mail puts a smile on your face if you do. I believe it was in 1977 that I won a western US regional championship under your tutelage, whilst at Olive Vista Jr High. I think I also earned a few other trophies in my short career with you in addition to 1977. But, having finally decided to look you up online, I am very happy to tell you that you have always remained in my memory fondly. I want to thank you for being my Sensei back in “the day” as they say.

Thank You—-Thank You—-Thank You—-Thank You—-Thank You—-Thank You—- David Snow 4/10


I recently read your latest two texts, the theory book and the figure four book. I just wanted to send a quick note to praise you for both of them. There is so much mixed-up martial arts stuff (MMA–my teacher’s joke, not mine 🙂 ), finding books on real martial arts for those of us who train for self defense and self-actualization is a real challenge. Both of your books were greatly appreciated. RP 2/10


I just received my 8 DVD set and watched the first two volumes.  I am completely impressed with the quality of your instruction and the DVD’s.  The slow motion photography is exactly what I had hoped for to break down the techniques for better understanding.  I was also impressed by your mastery of Jujitsu and how relaxed and fluid your movements are. I have been viewing your 8 DVD instruction set every day this week since I got it. I am definitely absorbing and integrating the techniques as I watch them and look forward to each dojo practice.  Not only is the slow motion photography great, you repeat your techniques several repetitions and from different camera angles.  In addition you do the techniques real time slow and real time fast.  My enthusiasm for Jujitsu is on the increase by watching these DVD’s.  Thank you and your staff for making these movies. …RS 11/09


I hope this finds you and finds you well. My name is Paul Hall [name used with permission]. You taught my brother and I Ju-Jitsu. At John Muir Junior High School through the Burbank YMCA around 1971. I was 12 years old and I still have my (gi) and green belt.

I was speaking to a new client yesterday. And your name rolled off my tongue. When a name comes to me that easily. I have to say thank you to that person. You taught me self-defense. But, I can see now it really was defense from my self. Respect for all those who had something to teach me. The ability to take a fall. Whether it be physical or emotional. Tuck, get the air out (yell), roll, slap the mat to help break the fall, protect yourself, spring back up, then Fight or Flee, but always in control of myself. My choice Fight or Flee. You have touched so many life’s.

I want to thank you for everything you taught me, to help shape my life. Its amazing how many people you have helped through people like me. Now helping others. Only God knows all the life’s that you have touched. I know how good LIFE is. Thank you. …PH 11/08


I have studied several martial arts in my lifetime, my purpose being to acquire the knowledge to defend myself and go home at night. I have over the years blended Aikido, wing chun, jeet kune do, sambo, and some of the Filipino arts into what i believe to be an effective system. I would like you to know that i will incorporate a very large portion of your 8dvd home study course into my system, especially your street defense tactics. I work a lot on entering techniques which i believe to be the key to any combat system, one has to be able to enter safely and take control immediately, but from living on the streets a good part of my life I know that the techniques in your dvds are very realistic for street defense and I would recommend them to anyone that is serious about their safety..I think my purchase of your dvds was well worth the money i spent on the purchase. JV 3/08


I have received the DVDs.  My senpai and I spent the evening with Disk 1.  We were very pleased with it.  In addition to broadening our view of basic techniques, there were two small techniques on the disk that solved long-standing mysteries for us.  As far as I am concerned, that was worth the price of admission, and I still have seven disks to go! Thanks again for going to the effort to create this reference. BC 2/08


This is the first time I have taken a martial arts course this way. It has its challenges, but it has already made me a better instructor in many ways. LJ 4/07


I believe that I was one of your students many years ago (1978-9) at Olive Vista Jr. High in Sylmar. I’m thrilled to see that your are still teaching and involved in Jujitsu. I did not continue in the art past Jr. high but have always remembered fondly the time I spent in your class. You provided guidance, discipline and skills that have stayed with me to this day. When I saw your name I just wanted to take the time to say hello. TC 2/07


Advanced Jujitsu, The Science Behind The Gentle Art takes us into the mind of a tenth degree black belt in jujitsu who shares with us the physics behind martial arts, the thought processes of a master, and the most efficient way to practice and execute techniques. This great book offers the serious martial artist extremely valuable concepts and insights that are the result of four decades of experience. It explains anatomy and kinesiology as they relate to all martial arts.
I expected a straightforward presentation of the next level of techniques in jujitsu. I got all that, and so much more. Advanced Jujitsu is a gift to the martial arts community. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Mr. Kirby! DC 2/07


Advanced Jujitsu is a great book for “advanced thinkers” and practitioners of Ju-Jitsu, or any martial art. As stated in book’s description and subtitle, it covers the SCIENCE Behind the art. It is not a visual “how to” book. It is a book of disclosure. Put simply, if you know how to accomplish a kick, a throw, or joint lock, etc… this tells you why it works. By exposing the physics of technique, the author helps us to deepen our understanding of “cause and effect” in relation to our movements. TD 2/07


Jujitsu: Intermediate Techniques rocks!! This is the 2d in a Series of books on the topic by Mr Kirby , it picks up where the 1st left off. This is unabashedly a how to book and does it’s job clearly and succinctly . Mr Kirby shows the finer points of the art to the student (while not all the techniques are street applicable they demonstrate concepts that are vital to an understanding of the workings of Jujitsu).Mr Kirby also discusses tactics techniques and strategy for use of jj in real situations. The work is excellent and would be complimented by the DVD series Mr Kirby did on the subject. Well Done . DP 2/07


I will be teaching Mang Ho Self Defense at the University of South Florida. I will be using your book Jujitsu Nerve Techniques as one of my required books. GMJ


I am a High School Science Teacher and Wrestling coach.  I have taught several of your lower and intermediate level Ju-Jitsu techniques to my wrestlers and have attained great success with these techniques. EB


I studied Aikido for two years and was always disappointed that the books on the subject never showed the details you have in your nerve book. Good work. MH


I am not sure that you remember me. You were my instructor in 1977 at Olive Vista Jr High. I have thought  of you often over the years with fondness and Respect. You have been an inspiration to me in many ways. I just want to thank you for caring about us and the art, to instill in me a desire to be the best me I could be. I am better for having known you.   SS


Thank you sir, thanks for what you do for me personally, the art and the association.  I feel very disjointed here in Wyoming, but you always make me feel like I am in the loop and not completely forgotten.  Merry Christmas… AJ


I have most of your tapes and books and refer to them often.  I have been involved in Jujitsu for nearly fifty years and your tapes are right on the top of my list of “authentic jujitsu.” I am in Knoxville, TN and you are way out on the West Coast.  If you were closer I would certainly see you. I am a 6th Dan in Shingitai Jujitsu and Kodokan Jujitsu (USJA) and, agin, have found your work very impressive. I am the head coach of Judo and Jujitsu at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. Thank you for signing the book I recently purchased. …DJT


Review of Tape #1: [for complete review go to http://home.att.net/~erik.mann/gkbjl1.htm ]

In this, the first of 8 volumes by Mr. Kirby on Ju-Jitsu, one is shown how to use this art from a street effective, self-defense perspective. In our opinion, Mr. Kirby has created an excellent video that’s fairly easy to learn. The first few minutes of the video go through correct posture, stretches, some exercises, break falls, and blocks. Following this, the heart of the program takes one through 12 self-defense techniques using some moves seen in judo, others in Japanese Jujitsu. Most of the 12 had extensions/sub-components, that combined, could almost give one 24 Ju-Jitsu techniques total to practice. Not bad for a short 40 minute video! This could keep the average beginner busy for many hours, learning how to perform the techniques. If most just spent one hour, on each of the twelve techniques shown, including their sub-components, the beginner, in our opinion, would have a great base from which to build on. I felt the real beauty of this tape was the way Mr. Kirby used striking techniques to close the distance and distract the opponent, so one could set up the techniques. Well done Mr. Kirby, can’t wait to see the next one.


Review of Tape #4: [for complete review go to http://home.att.net/~erik.mann/gkbjl4.htm ]

. . . in this tape, you get over 50 techniques (counting extensions and the freestyle section)! This could keep the average student easily busy for 50-100 hours as Mr. Kirby suggested. I felt the real beauty of this tape was once again the way Mr. Kirby used strikes on some of the techniques to close the distance and distract the opponent, so one could set up the techniques. But in addition to that, from #13 on, one is shown counters and knife defense too. And just when you think you’d seen it all, the “icing on the cake” comes at the end where one gets to see a couple of minutes of “Freestyle” in which Mr. Kirby defends himself against 2 Uke’s, that are constantly coming at him randomly in every way imaginable. This series, titled “Self Defense Ju-Jitsu”, I felt really showed how to use the art from a realistic street mindset, versus many of the Ju-Jitsu tapes I’ve seen that show sport techniques, or techniques that make one wonder “Why would a person hold still for that?” Once again, well done Mr. Kirby.


ur ideas in the gentle-art-books have been a row of good and helpful hints on my own way. but ur newest book, i just read it, was really a new dimension. i reached 6.dan in aiki jujutsu, just got 5.dan nihon jujutsu bei sato hanshi, but i found many new skills for me and my pupils. despite of being member of EMT – the human body suddenly is full of new attacking points. for days my pupils are crying – page for page i study ur guide, with much effort! receiving newest information i just wanted to tell u this, and i want to thank u for ur work – the distance between CA and good old europe is too big
to tell u this on the tatami. …AB


Have bought the tapes and they are excellent . The techniques for the most part are simple and direct , (this is the highest compliment), they would be applicable in self-defense ! situations . I have incorporated many of them into the self-defense portion of my taekwon do classes . I enjoy the BJJ philosophy of always trying to help ones attacker (was a boy scout once) and letting him do the work of the technique ie pull you up so you can make the strike , set the lock etc…..The site is a wealth of useful information. …DP [2nd dan TaeKwonDo


The Budoshin JuJitsu tapes are excellent!  I purchased my full set about 7years ago, and I still use them as a reference tool today.The instruction is very clear, the use of slow motion helmentioned, there is more than enough material and variations to take you all the way to Nidan… and beyond.
     The more you watch the tapes, the more you pick up, the more you learn to blend and borrow when you get to higher rank levels.  These tapes (and your books) have provided a link between me in Toronto Canada, and you in California that would never have been possible otherwise.  As a long distance learner, your tapes have been an outstanding opportunity for me to learn, practice, and now as a Nidan/Instructor, to teach Budoshin JuJitsu Many thanks to you for all your hard work and support.  Make sure everyone purchases your books and DVDs as well.  Your books are used in every one of my classes as reference tools for my students, and they love them! …GC


Sensei, I have read a couple of your books and the website will visit often. …WR


I picked up your book at the local martial arts supply store when we were buying our gi’s not knowing you association with O’Sensei.  Thank you for writing it as I find myself  thumbing through the text often in between practices. …ERC


How have you been?  I hope this finds you in good health and good spirits. I do not believe I have ever thanked you properly before.  So I just wanted you to know that Ju-Jitsu has been one of the most influential experiences on my life.  I believe it has helped me be the person that I am today.  Thank you for your support, effort and guidance.  Sorry for not keeping in touch, but you have to understand how hard it was to quit.  Thanks again. …MS